Faith and Reason

August 1, 2006

There are many different definitions for the word ‘faith’, some tangible, others intangible. Most people refer to it as ‘their faith’, specifically referring to their religion. Not being the religious type, I have always felt it to mean something else. Faith for me is more relying on one’s intuition and notably relying on things that have been reasonably proven to me in the past. That’s my faith. It’s something I cling onto even during the occasional times when I know I shouldn’t, perhaps in the same way your faith has worked for you.

My faith has evolved over time in the scientific sense: a theory is made that models the world around me. If it proves to be accurate over time, it ‘lives’ on, and if not, a new ‘faith’ takes its place. It is the same for most of my beliefs, and it should be no surprise, as it’s just a fancy way of saying that I’m learning as I go along.
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